People Need to Enjoy Using Your Website

If people enjoy using your website, they'll stay longer and come more often.

The more time they spend with you, the closer they'll get to buying from you (or the more they'll do whatever it is you want them to do).

Enjoyable digital experiences require speed, accessibility, and good design, in that order.

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12 Products in 12 Months

I'm building and shipping one product a month for twelve months straight. I really enjoy making stuff. Especially tools that make my own life and work easier.

However, I tend to overthink every major product idea I come up with, turning it into an impossibly large endeavor. This means that I never actually get started (analysis paralysis and all that). Or even worse, I hack on an idea for a week and then abandon it when I realize how far ahead the competition is.

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How I Got Started in My Career as a Web Developer

I've received this question in many variations over the past few years, so I wanted to write a detailed post to cover my thoughts on it.

I can't write about what path you should take, or what the best path is. But I can share the path I took. So, think of this more as a story than a how-to.

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An Introduction to HTML5's localStorage

Did you know that localStorage works as far back as Internet Explorer 8? There's no good reason to not be using it! Let's start out by saving a very simple piece of information to local storage.

Let's start out by saving a very simple piece of information to local storage, like so...

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