Screenlapse provides an automatic method of capturing and archiving website screenshots on a recurring basis, from once an hour, to daily, weekly, or monthly.

This helps businesses keep track of competitors, prove ad display to advertisers and sponsors, archive their social media channels and marketing content for compliance, and more.

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SnipSave is a web-based code snippet manager for developers. It features folder-based organization, instant search, filtering by tag or language, privacy control, code snippet embeds, data exports, and more.

Almost 9,000 developers have created a SnipSave account since it's launch, with an average of 200 new users signing up every month. The community has created over 45,000 code snippets so far.

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API Boilerplate for Application Development

A Python, Flask, and MongoDB API boilerplate featuring user account creation, token-based authentication, and login-protected routes. Speeds up the development of new projects by providing a solid starting point for the back-end system.

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Element Blocker

A Firefox extension that lets you block almost any element on any website. You can use it to permanently hide popups, banners, notification bars, and much more.

The plugin remembers which elements you've blocked on each website and allows you to pause blocking temporarily if required.

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PX: Viewport Dimensions

A Firefox extension that displays the browser's width and height information in pixels as you resize the window. This is incredibly helpful for responsive web development.

It has an easily accessible settings panel where you can temporarily disable the plugin as well as customize which corner of the screen the notification appears and how long it displays before disappearing.

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