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I just got a Fujifilm X70 to test. I want to see if this camera is capable of becoming my one-and-only travel camera, to document the places I visit, hiking/camping trips, motorcycle rides, etc.

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It's a Friday evening, I've just finished up at work and I have a new camera sitting on my desk, so I decide to walk into the city to take some photos and meet up with a friend at a local rooftop bar.

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This is a great little camera. It's very lightweight and compact \u2013 I can actually stuff it in the back pocket of my jeans \u2013 but it still has manual controls for aperature, shutter speed and exposure compensation. 

I don't mind that it doesn't have a viewfinder. Looking through a viewfinder with a motorcycle helmet on was always annoying, so I would often rely on the LCD in those moments anyway.

I have quite a bit more testing to do, and I want to use it on a few real trips, but so far I'm very impressed and quite happy with this camera.

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